For several webpages, Google provides me with language localized search results.

For example, I search for bread and I get as a result:


which is the German localized version of what I was actually looking for:


How do I teach Google that I'm capable of understanding English and actually prefer the English version of most websites?

  • you need to make changes in settings on google homepage, however you need to be logged in for your settings to be remembered (if cookies aren't saving it, like for me on safari on mac os x mojave beta Jul 18, 2018 at 10:41

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I figured it out, I think. If anyone else knows of other/better ways please post.

Under Search Settings, which at the time of writing this can be accessed through the cog at the top right of a search results page, there is also a section for Languages.

Checking all languages you can understand for the "Currently showing search results in" setting isn't actually enough and didn't actually change anything for me.

Apparently, you have to set Google ("Which language should Google products use?") itself to the language you primarily want to receive search results in, which has the side effect of Google itself also being in that language.