There is this question regarding adding checkbox functionality to Google Drive: Checkbox function to automatically add to total. And a great answer is:

In the Google Sheets spreadsheet go to Tools -> Script Editor. Enter the following code:

function onEdit() {
  if(SpreadsheetApp.getActiveRange().getValue() == 1) {
    SpreadsheetApp.getActiveRange().setBackgroundRGB(0,255, 0);
  if(SpreadsheetApp.getActiveRange().getValue() == 0) {
    SpreadsheetApp.getActiveRange().setBackgroundRGB(255, 0, 0);

Enter into any cell a 1 for a tick, and a zero for a cross.

This code is great and it works beautifully, but I would like to know how to ONLY apply that to a range of cells and not to the whole spreadsheet.

By example, cells: G25 x I47

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In order to limit the range of a script, get the row and column of the active cell, and check that it falls within some bounds:

function onEdit(e) {
  var row = e.range.getRow();
  var col = e.range.getColumn();
  if (col >= 7 && col <= 9 && row >= 25 && row <= 47) {
  if (e.value == 1) {
    e.range.setBackgroundRGB(0,255, 0);
  if (e.value == 0) {
    e.range.setBackgroundRGB(255, 0, 0);

(I also shortened the script using the event object.)

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