I am trying to copy the content of one cell of a Google speadsheet to another cell in a different Google spreadsheet. I have tried the formula

(=Exportrange("spreadsheet-key", "Sheet-name! range"))

But it is not working. Probably because my formula looks like

(=Exportrange("Spreadsheet name", "Sheet-name! C19:C19"))

Looking for a solution on this.


There is no "exportrange" in Google Sheets.

Use importrange where the first parameter is the URL of the spreadsheet, from which the data is to be taken, and the second points to a cell. It will look like this, where ... depends on the source spreadsheet:

=IMPORTRANGE("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/.../edit#gid=0", "Sheet1!A1")

The first time importrange is used, it displays #REF! message. Hover over it to see a prompt to allow import; this only happens once for a given pair of spreadsheets.

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