When creating a new email filter in Gmail, can I group AND/OR operators within parentheses to create more advanced conditional rules? For example:

Has the words:

"Ebay" AND ("Guitar" OR "Drum" OR "Bass")

The above is supposed to filter mails that contain the exact word Ebay and one of the exact following: Guitar, Drum or Bass.

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    If I recall, AND is assumed in your search. Try dropping that and see what you get.
    – ale
    Jun 29, 2016 at 14:10

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AI E. is correct. AND is assumed, OR can be declared. This is according to the Gmail Help article on Advanced Search.

I recommend reviewing it as there are a lot of ways to improve your Gmail searches using the operators in it.

To address your specific example, you can drop the quotes & the AND operator. Quotes are only needed to search for an exact phrase.
Ebay (Guitar OR Drum OR Bass) would be the correct formatting for a Gmail search.


Not sure if things have changed but AND does not work by default for me - what worked for me was using double quotes to cause the AND operator functionality. So "Ebay" Drum would search for Ebay and Drum

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