I have a Trello board with a list named TODO. I'd like to have the contents of my TODO list sent to me every morning through Slack - either automatically or by running a command, which I could then automate using another integration/bot.

What's a good way to implement this?

So far I've looked into:

  • the Trello bot - allows you to display cards and boards, but not lists
  • Trello Alerts - can't be polled on demand
  • Workbot - can only create Trello entities, not read them
  • I gave up on trello and started using the /todo app. Its one list per channel and not as "nice" as trello, but the trello slack integration is just unusable. Not to mention they dont acknowledge questions via /feedback or through support requests their own web site. – StingyJack Jul 21 '16 at 13:52

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