I am creating a form response, using Google forms. The module should be posted on my (Google) website and should be used by people to set meetings with me.

I provide some options regarding the periods I am available.
Indeed I set up a question: "When do you want to meet me" and I am providing multiple answers.

My question is this. Suppose I indicate that I am free Monday and Tuesday at 10:00. Someone will decide to book the meeting with me on Monday. Is it possible to drop automatically Monday at 10:00 from the multiple answers, such that a second person will not pick up exactly the same time chosen by someone else?

If this is not possible, is there any other option that can do what I need?


There are different ways of achieving the above.


You can find a more general post about how to manually accomplish it over at Stackoverflow: remove selected items from google form dropdown list.

Using an add-on

Another way would be by using one of the free add-ons:

Both by Bjorn Behrendt offered at the Google web store scripted just for such needs.
Please have a look at this thorough YouTube video list on how to use them.
In your case, I believe that "Choice Eliminator light" should be sufficient.
Should you face any issues using any of the add-ons, there is a very active Google Plus Community you can turn to.

Keep in mind though: One of the main caveats of what you are trying to achieve (either manually or through an add-on) is the time lapse between form submission and scripts execution. Most of the errors occurring are when submissions fall into that space in time resulting overlapping issues.

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