I am trying to document the days a car was cleaned and return specific data about the cleaned car (ie something is broken, location, etc). So, I want each car to report the most recent cleaning by returning the date (or days since if possible). The documentation system reports each cleaning as a separate row in order to know other details like who did it etc. There will be about a hundred reports of each car so I want a smaller quick glance kind of sheet that says car 1, cleaned 12 days ago.


I have a sample sheet I made for Fleet Vehicle Maintenance. You can take the same logic and apply it to your question.

The data is entered using a Google Forms for odometer readings for specific vehicles.

enter image description here

This form feeds into the Odometer Readings sheet:

enter image description here

Another sheet groups all the distinct vehicles together and states the most recent Odometer Reading Date.

enter image description here

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