WhatsApp Web does not work with Firefox 47.0.1 on Windows 7 64-bit OS. I have tried making it work after disabling the add-ons and restarting Firefox in safe mode, yet this did not resolve the issue either. I am not even presented the QR code as you can see in the following screenshot this is what I get when I go to WhatsApp Web. However, on my office desktop PC which also runs the same Windows OS and the same Firefox version, this page loads correctly. What might be the problem?

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  • When I use the option Refresh Firefox it works, yet this also deletes all my preferences and add-ons. I also tried with safe mode but it did not work. I want to find the plug-in or setting responsible for this. The address bar says something suggestive: https://web.whatsapp.com/browsers.html?missing=localstorage,sessionstorage
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I'm using Waterfox (64-bit) and all of the sudden, one morning, I started to receive the message below when I tried to access web.whatsapp.com:

WhatsApp works with Mozilla Firefox 30+ To use WhatsApp, update Firefox or use Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Opera.

In about:config privacy.resistFingerprinting was false. I change it to true and now I can access web.whatsapp.com, after pressing LEFT CTRL+F5.


Okay I got the problem resolved without messing with add-ons, plug-ins, history, bookmarks and sync features by just displaying Troubleshooting Information from the menu to the right of the Firefox. Then I opened the profile folder from there and deleted the prefs.js file to have it refreshed. When I launched the browser again all my settings were gone, but I was able to log into WhatsApp Web.


Solved here. type about:config in the address bar. Locate the option dom.storage.enabled and set it to True


Try go Help>Troubleshooting information and click on the safe mode restart firefox without add-on. After login whatsapp on safe mode just restart your firefox back with add-on and it should be logged in.


I use Waterfox, a fork of FIrefox. Current version is 56.2.10. I followed Anderson_'s answer, Just pressing CTRL + F5 (regardless of which CTRL key) works for me every time I do it,

According to this site¹, CTRL + F5 makes a browser reload the page from network rather than from cache.

If Waterfox simply goes to WhatsApp Web or a "normal" reload command is issued, Whatsapp works with Mozilla FIrefix 30+ page pops back up. It also obviously happpens when Waterfox just launches and loads WhatsApp Web. In general, browsers load/reload pages from cache, so forcing a network reload with CTRL + F5 seems to reliably bypasse cache, therefore, bypassing the issue.

  1. https://tinkertry.com/for-any-browser-running-on-windows-ctrl-f5-forces-reload-from-network-not-cache

For me, switching privacy.resistFingerprinting back to false in about:config solved the issue.

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