I would like to know if there is any "simple" way to trace, in a calendar for a given Trello project board, the day by day history number of cards in a given list.

I would need to see the Todo list history with just the number of card for everyday.

Is there any plugin or tool for doing that ?

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Here's a way:

  1. Invite user "butlerbot" to your board. It will automatically create a "Butler" list in your board.

  2. In the "Butler" list, add a card with the following title:

    every day at 6pm, count the cards in list "X"

Every day, the bot will automatically post a comment on that same card with the number of cards in the list. If your timezone is not U.S. Eastern, you also need to add another card with a title such as:

my timezone is Europe/London

A list of all the timezones supported by the bot can be found here: Timezones

There's a ton of other stuff the bot can do, check it out here: Butler Bot for Trello. You can also contact the author and request support in that same board. Disclosure: I'm the author.

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