I am using teachable.com to sell courses and want to track conversions with the Facebook Ads pixel.

Typically you add something like this to the "Thank You" page:

  fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
  currency: 'USD',
  value: 18.00,
  content_name: 'courseName
  content_category: 'courseCategory'

But because my customers can use coupon codes the value is often different.

Now the "Thank You" URL contains the final_price parameter:


Is there a way to get the final_price value into the Facebook pixel value parameter?


You can do that easily with Pixel Enhancer, it's a free tool we developed at LeadsBridge to automatically fire Facebook standard events. Try it out and just contact our support if you have any problem. http://leadsbridge.io/facebookpixelevents

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