The text color of a Google Form response is very pale when I try to print an individual response. (See the word John Doughnut in the second picture)

How can I darken it or change its color?

enter image description here

enter image description here


There is an easy way to do this using the Inspect element on your browser.

During the following 4 steps we will make use of Inspect at Google Chrome.
A similar approach will work for other browsers (Firefox, Explorer).

Step 1

Once you decide which individual answer you want to print out, you right-click on the element of the page (e.g. TEST LAST NAME) and select Inspect from the pop-out menu.


Step 2

This will bring up the Chrome DevTools Elements panel.
On the Styles tab you find color of the element in question.
The last identifier (0.26), represents the opacity of the element. You click once on rgba(0,0,0,0.26).


Step 3

You change the opacity to 0.99 and click ENTER. You can alternatively change it to 1 resulting to rgba(0,0,0,1).

opacity change

Step 4

You can now print your document.

print page

EXTRA STEPS (to alter the color of the elements).

To change the color instead of clicking on rgba(0,0,0,0.26) you click once on the little colored square.
This action opens the color picker.

the colors square

When the dialog pops up, you make your changes and click ENTER to finalize your selection.

color change

You can now print your document using the brand new colors.

print colors

Using the above technique you can alter other elements as well.
Like changing the color of the answers submitted.

other elements

One great advantage of the above method is that your alterations remain while you move back and forth (as long as you use the arrow keys on the right hand side of the screen) as to print the other answers as well.

using the arrow keys

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