Is there a keyboard shortcut or other method for Google Docs that is equivalent to Ctrl+click in MS Word which allows you to select several parts of the text that are not adjacent to each other?

I would like to be able to make all of the separate text selections first and then apply a change one time to all of them rather than repeating the operation for each separate text selection. For example, I have a Google Docs plug-in which allows me to change the case of the selected text but you have to navigate a menu tree each time you use it. I want to change the text of each my section headers to all-caps but it would be tedious to change them one at a time.


A simple one-step non-adjacent text selection functionality like Ctrl + click is not currently available in Google Docs. However, I have found a work-around which is able to achieve non-adjacent text selection in just a few steps which can still be a big time saver if you need to make changes to more than just a couple selections.

  1. Make the first text selection
  2. Use one of the keyboard shortcuts to format the text with a style that is not being used elsewhere in your document. For example, if you don't have any bolded text already, you can use Ctrl+B
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each of the additional non-adjacent text selections
  4. Right-click in the middle of one of the bolded (in this example) text areas and click on the "Select all matching text" pop-up menu item. This will select all of the separate bold text areas simultaneously.
  5. You can now copy or make whatever changes are needed to all the selected text at once. Use Ctrl+B again to remove the bold formatting from all of the selected text simultaneously.

I noticed that the method mentioned by Fonebone also works with colored text, highlighted text, text in a certain alignment (left, centered, and right), font, and font size, as well as the aforementioned emboldening, italicizing, underlining, and striking through. Basically, the text in your group will have to be the exact same, but you will have a seemingly infinite amount of stylings to choose from.

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