• I have a "work" Google Calendar and several "personal" Google Calendars
    • The work calendar is administered by my company
  • I'd like to show coworkers my combined availability (work and personal), but hide the personal event details
    • I can't share my personal calendar with the setting "Make changes and manage sharing" because I don't want the admin to have full read/write access to it)

Is there a way to do this within Google Calendars?

Zapier allows me to automatically mirror new personal calendar events onto my work calendar, but this is expensive and inelegant. I'm hoping someone here knows a better way.

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When I go into Calendar settingsShare this Calendar I get the following Permission Settings for sharing my calendar with any given individual:

Calendar Permission Settings


With G Suite (your work account) have your admin update the sharing settings so that people outside your domain can access details of your work calendar.

Calendar Sharing G Suite admin panel

Then after 24 hours or so you should be able to "share" your work calendar with yourself (personal Gmail or G Suite).

Just like the answer from user13779. Just pick the option that works best for you and your employer.

Calendar Permission Settings

My 2¢.

Different companies have different security protocols and policies.

All the best @FlightPlan!

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