Ive logged into Trello.com this morning and there is a yellow banner across the top saying :

You are almost out of backup verification codes. Generate new backup codes.

(see below screenshot)

The generate new backup codes is a link that when clicked on asks me to log into trello .. even though im already logged in and able to access my boards ?

Any ideas what this is ?

trello screenshot

  • Also seeing this, have tweeted 'em to find out but suspecting either a bug or someone attempting to login to my account. – Pablissimo Sep 1 '16 at 17:57

Trello Support says this happens if you have 2FA enabled but have never generated any recovery codes, which is the case for me:


Unsure what triggered the warning though, since I have had an account for a good long while now with 2FA enabled.


You need to generate backup codes for 2FA, hope that helps!

  • This is a correct answer, not sure why it was downvoted twice.., i have added 1 up vote. I have marked the other answer as accepted as it was more detailed. – sam Sep 5 '16 at 11:38

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