I have a formula that queries a handful of other pages in the same sheet,

        {'Design Team Assignments'!B3:G;'Mechanical Team Assignments'!B3:G;'Programming Team Assignments'!B3:G;'Communications Team Assignments'!B3:G;'Media Team Assignments'!B3:G},
        "select Col1,Col2,Col3,Col5,Col6 where Col1 is not null",
    3, TRUE)

But when I have that formula in the sheet, it adds 732 rows to the sheet for no reason that I can find. Before people ask, I have confirmed that it's the QUERY, because if I delete that cell (or even just the query part of the formula) I can delete the extra rows without them being added back again a half-second later.

I thought that what I was doing with where Col1 is Not Null was to remove the null rows (rows in which Col1 was null), but I guess I was wrong...? Anyone know why this is happening?

  • Try where Col1 <>'' instead of where Col1 is Not Null. If the problem persist check your source data. Also consider to create a demo spreadsheet, share it with anyone with the link and add that link to your question. Sep 8, 2016 at 12:01

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The answer, given by Rubén, was to change

where Col1 is Not Null


where Col1 <>''

which works perfectly fine.


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