I am trying to create a leave request form on Cognito. Say the employee is taking 9/8/16 off and proceeds to put in start date as 9/8/16 and end date 9/8/16, the result is 0 from this calculation:


How do I make the count 1 with the =(StartDate=EndDate)?

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I'm a developer with Cognito Forms.

Your very very close with the calculation you currently have. You just need to add a day to your calculation so that a start date of 9/8/16 and an end date of 9/8/16 will give you one day, this will work for the rest of your entered dates as well.

A start date of 9/8/2016 and an end date of 9/10/2016 will give you 3 days. You can check out the updated calculation below and a link to a demo template.

=(EndDate - StartDate).Days + 1


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