I have two email addresses, [email protected] and [email protected].

I have set up Gmail's Multiple Inboxes, with the following criteria:

University --> label:(university inbox)
gmail --> label:(inbox -university)

This gives me two complementary sections, where archiving will also remove the email from my inbox page (which is what I'd like).

However, I still have a third section in my inbox, which contains both University and Gmail. Is there a way to remove this section?

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Not sure if you could remove it, but you can auto-archive everything that comes in and then it'll only show up in your other inboxes.


under settings/multiple inboxes there is the Extra panels positioning section.

You can specify:

  • Right side of the inbox
  • Above the inbox
  • Below the inbox

setting above the inbox will force the main inbox to the bottom, below the extra inboxes, where it will be less noticeable.

Note: if you do this, the gear icon appears at the top of the main inbox section, you will have to scroll down and find it.


If you don't mind the horizontal split then you can switch from multiple inboxes feature to priority inbox:

university label --> deliveredto:[email protected] OR __additional_rule_here__
primary label --> has:nouserlabels

Labels are applied to messages, not conversations. That's why you need this __additional_rule_here__ above which must match all the following messages inside conversation. Examples: from:[email protected] or subject:"_ac_" where _ac_ is a special prefix prepended to subject by your email server, mailing list or a google group ([ac] or :ac: won't work because []: are special symbols that are ignored in a search query if I get it right).

Then in the inbox settings:

  1. All primary (shows all messages with primary label)
  2. Empty
  3. Empty
  4. Everything else

When creating filters it may be useful to apply it to all existing emails.


I struggled with the same issue. I found the addon Click to remove element that allows you to temporarily or permanently remove elements from websites. I used it to remove the default inbox section in the bottom of my multiple inbox permanently.

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