Does anybody know if its possible to edit the link text in the confirmation form of a Google Form?

Having enabled the summary of responses, I have the following link text which is set by the form:

'See previous responses' 'Submit another response'

Does anybody know of a way to edit this text? I would like it to read

'See this months responses'

and ideally I would remove the 'Submit another response' link.


The "see previous responses" text cannot be changed.

To remove the "submit another response" link in the new forms layout, you can go to Settings > Presentation and uncheck the box that says "Show link to submit another response".

enter image description here

  1. click "Settings" with the gear icon
  2. uncheck "See summary charts and text response
  3. click eye icon again
  4. Ta-da! "See previous responses" is gone!

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