How can one format a cell to have word wrap in Google Sheets?

I've tried Shift+Enter, but that doesn't seem to work.

One thing I know works is to place the spreadsheet into List Mode and then if you edit your cell you can have word wrap in it.

But is there a way to do this without switching modes?

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Google Spreadsheets will automatically wrap text when the content exceeds the width of the cell if in Wrap mode.

You can set it for a cell or range of cells using Format > Text Wrapping > Wrap Alt+Shift+O WW

There is also a wrap text button on the toolbar.

wrap text on toolbar

Alternatively, you can force a linebreak in the cell with Ctrl+Enter.

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Text Wrap Option

The button to change the text wrap option is slightly hidden. Hence, adding a screenshot from the new Google Sheets UI.

First Select the Cell you want to Wrap
From The toolbar, select "Format" -> "Text Wrapping" -> "Wrap"

How to Wrap Cell in Google Sheets

  • Even selecting wrap, the content clips in my sheet. In other words, the cells do not become taller to accommodate the additional space needed. Perhaps another setting is preventing that to happen?
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Google Sheets uses Ctrl + Enter to add a new line when typing in a cell, instead of using Shift + Enter.


If the text wrapping is on overflow and you type like two sentences it will get cut off. But if you press the down arrow on the wrap button it will be the middle option. (If this helps any. the button is on the top right side of the command bar).


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