I have two yahoo.com e-mail accounts. I'll refer to them as [email protected] and [email protected].

I'm able to login to my [email protected] account and receive e-mails. (I recently changed the password after the recently announced data breach, though that shouldn't be relevant.)

I still have the password for the [email protected] account. When I try to log into it via the web page, it asks for confirmation (understandable, since I haven't accessed it in several years, most likely since 2011).

Let's get you into your account
Tell us one of the following to get started:

  • Yahoo Sign-In
  • Recovery phone number
  • Recovery email address

I've tried the recovery phone number and e-mail address, but both are the same as what I used for the [email protected] account. After I enter the "account key", the only option it gives me is to login to [email protected]. (I don't know what "Yahoo Sign-In" is supposed to be. I already gave it my [email protected] e-mail address to get to that point.)

I also have two verification questions and answers for [email protected], but I haven't gotten to a place where it asks for them.

I found a "Contact us" support link on yahoo.com's web site, but it doesn't actually seem to allow me to contact anyone; it only shows me existing questions with answers that don't seem to apply in my case.

My first preference would be to access my [email protected] account and take a look at the ancient e-mails (and then delete the account).

My second choice, still acceptable, would be to nuke the account without being able to access it.

Given the recently announced security breach, I'm a bit uncomfortable leaving the account in place. (On the other hand, given that I can't access it myself with the correct password, I doubt that a bad guy could do much with it -- and there's almost certainly nothing in the account that I care about or that could be used for nefarious purposes.)

I've tried the link suggested in this answer. It only shows me links to articles about account deletion, none of which are helpful in my case.

I've also tried http://deleteyouraccount.com/, as suggested in another answer, but the web page only shows an error message.


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I was never able to contact anyone at Yahoo, but I did resolve the issue. The old e-mail account has been disabled, probably some time ago. I verified this by sending a test message to the account (something I should have thought to do sooner!). It bounced with "This account has been disabled or discontinued".

I presume this means that it's no longer vulnerable to hacking -- and if it is, I'll consider it Yahoo's problem, not mine.

(I had also posted a query on forums.yahoo.net, but I never got a response.)

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