I really like the new ads in Gmail, because I've been able to find very cheap host providers for my websites, however I find it boring it continuously suggest "dating", "meetgirl" etc. I'm really not interested in that spam and I meticulously erase those kind of ads with the following reasons:

  • not interested
  • not appropriate
  • too personal

But regardless of what I do, those kind of ads still shows up. I'm really not interested in that messages, and no, they are not "customized" for me, because I do not visit that kind of websites. Seems that somehow it still thinks I would like that kind of advertising while in reality not. Should I start using an ad blocker? or is there any way to stop that spam now.

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I suggest installing uBlock Origin extension. There are several reasons to use adblockers, such as security and faster page load times.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Visit http://www.google.com/settings/ads/authenticated to personalise the adverts you receive.

Add topics you like so you might receive more ads of those kind.

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