I'm new here. I want to ask something. How to redirect my old blog domain to the new one? Example : I have blog with domain abc.blogspot.com. Then i changed it to abcd.blogspot.com. When someone visit abc.blogspot.com it will be redirect to abcd.blogspot.com or if someone visit abc.blogspot.com/a.html it will be redirect to abcd.blogspot.com/a.html. How to do that? Is it possible to do?

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No, Blogger (which is the web-application used to build blogspot.com blogs) does not provide a re-direction option.

You can delete all the posts from abc.blogspot.com, and then make one post which says "Thanks for visiting, please go to abcd.blogspot.com". Set up a custom redirect (Settings / Search) which sends all visitors to that post.

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