I am quite new when it comes to Google Sheets, but I just created a function which gets me the Amazon stock price, see below:

var temp = '=INDEX(GoogleFinance("AMZN", "CLOSE", DATEVALUE(A5)),2,2)'; 

It works but the problem is, that I want to be flexible when it comes to the date (DATEVALUE). Currently, I have a date in my cell A5, but I actually have a IF statement, which uses the variable i. So, preferably it should at the end look like Ai whereas of course i can be 7 or 15 or whatever number.

How can I achieve that?

I already tried A + i but that did not work.


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var temp = '=INDEX(GoogleFinance("AMZN", "CLOSE", DATEVALUE(A'+ i +')),2,2)'; 

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