I'm using filtering to label and immediately archive emails from mailing lists (i.e. where the "To:" field is a mailing list address). However, when I interact with the list, I wish for follow-up answers or comments to appear in my Inbox, or that I be notified in some other way. Usually, my address will be in the cc or to field in these cases.

How can this be achieved with Google Mail?

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    You can probably get a more detailed suggestion if you include your current filter in your question.
    – ale
    Oct 14, 2016 at 21:40

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My initial thought was to include a filter on the subject. eg. subject:-"re: " (where the subject does not contain re: in the case of replies). However, Gmail seems to ignore the colon and space (:) in the filter, so filtering just on re is far too encompassing.

As a workaround you could perhaps manually include a trigger word in the subject or message body and filter on that, eg. -{TRIGGER_WORD} (does not contain "TRIGGER_WORD"). This is of course assuming that replies to your reply contain your reply!


You can key off your address being in the cc: field by excluding it in your filter.


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