I'm using Google Drive in my company's Google Apps account. I'd like to live-embed some images that live in Google Drive into a Google Doc that's used for reference. When I say "live-embed", I mean I want the image as shown in the Google Doc to reflect any edits to the image as they are synced with Google Drive.

I tried the standard "Insert Image" > "Google Drive" and navigated to the image like so: Choose Image from Google Drive

However, I edited the image, checked Google Drive and ensured that Drive captured the edit, but the Google Doc did not (even after a couple of browser refreshes) - the Google Doc still showed the old version of the image.

I would prefer to not have the images in question be publicly accessible to anyone. They are currently shared with everyone in my company.

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At this time, it's not possible to "live embed" images on Google Documents. See Insert or delete images or videos to learn about how to insert images and what it's supported.

An alternative is to use Google Apps Script to replace the image.

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