I have a sheet on which there are students' birth dates. What I would like to do is to put a number on top of a column, and if any birth date is between the range of today() and today+the number, for them to show up under this column. Something like this:

Google Spreadsheets Birth date sort

If a name shows up under tomorrow, it is not showing up in another category. As I understand to get this data we need to compare those birth dates to today() and for example for tomorrow:

 x = today()+1 AND x != today()

If this request is going to cause too much workload, you can dismiss it. Showing the same name under every category is fine, as long as I get the closest ones so I can keep track of them all the time.

Here is the file of the picture above.

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Does this work?

C2: =FILTER(A2:A7, B2:B7 = TODAY())
D2: =FILTER(A2:A7, B2:B7 = TODAY() + 1)
E2: =FILTER(A2:A7, B2:B7 >= TODAY() + 2, B2:B7 <= TODAY() + 7)
F2: =FILTER(A2:A7, B2:B7 >= TODAY() + 8, B2:B7 <= TODAY() + 14)
G2: =FILTER(A2:A7, B2:B7 >= TODAY() + 15, B2:B7 <= TODAY() + 30)


I would try this to handle the weeks:

  • Thank you for the response, but, there shouldn't be blank spaces between rows. But, I already got my answer. Thank you for your help, as well.
    – Cem Sultan
    Oct 20, 2016 at 21:23

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