Most of emails I send are for jobs, so I have to type the subject and attach my resume from the cloud and send it every time, the only difference is the To field.

Can I create a template in Outlook that has a subject and my resume attached to it, for reusing?


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You can make template on outlook

Check Create an email message template and Send an e-mail message based upon a template

  • I think it's not for the web version
    – mshwf
    Jun 20, 2019 at 7:01

When you create a new email, down the bottom of the email window on the far right of the Send, Discard and various insert buttons there is a button with three dots "...". If you click that, you get a menu that has "My Templates" towards the bottom. When you click that you'll get a side bar on the right hand side of your screen and you can create and insert templates there. It's more of a quick text than a true template, but it appears to be the closest thing available on the web interface.

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