I know a file is available somewhere on the internet for download whose exact name I know, e.g. abc-def-ghi.pdf. If I enter the filename into the Google search box, Google does not find it.

I found the file by searching Google for text which is contained in the file. From this Google search, I can download the file. Also, later I can download the file again just by entering the URL found by Google search.

How though can I use Google to search for web pages where this file is available for download?

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Maybe this searchterm helps you: allinurl: "abc-def-ghi.pdf" filetype:pdf. You should also check out Googles advanced search: https://www.google.com/advanced_search


A weird solution worked for me: enter a wrong filename (specifically, I removed the dot before the file extension; removing the entire file extension didn't help in all cases) or change the search language. Then Google shows images from revelant webpages.

Google's behavior is weird:

  • The same webpages may not appear among the usual search results. In some cases, it says "0 search results", followed by those images.
  • Changing the search language can make irrelevant results appear but make those images disappear.
  • Some of those images don't appear in Google image search.

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