What site can I use to create a donation pool? I want to display how much money is raised in realtime. I have seen one for charities only, which this is not. I also found Kickstarter which looked good but it doesn't seem to be friendly to non US donators and requires the project host to live in the U.S. which I do not.

It looks like Paypal supports it but I am unsure if it displays in realtime. I'd like a way to return all money if the donation target isn't met, however this isn't a requirement.

Chipin Looks like a good alternative but had no news for a while Pledge Bank doesn't look as good but may be suitable.

What else is there?


Paypal's Facebook and MySpace badges, appear to update realtime.
You can also check their generic HTML badges. Better check their FAQ first.


I've used ChipIn in the past, not sure why you care about recent news about them. I don't know if it supports returning all the donations when a goal isn't met, though.


WePay is what you're looking for:


Yesterday, we pushed a feature, inspired specifically for the Reddit community, intended to make it even easier. In your group account settings, you can enable the account so anybody can join, without you having to invite them first. The basic idea being that you can maintain full transparency, since everybody can see where the money is going. If the money isn't being allocated appropriately, anybody can cry foul. Everyone on Reddit can join if they’d like. Every time the account reaches $100, you can demand that the money be sent directly to the beneficiary. As a member of the account, you can monitor this. If the account balance ever exceeds one or two hundred dollars, and the money doesn't go to the right place, you can simply refuse to donate (and tell everybody else to do the same).


Alas, they are yet to catch up to the rest of the world (US donors only), but they might be able to support non-us payouts -do check them out.