I use Pidgin with a plug-in called "Purple Facebook" to chat on Facebook. This way, I do not have to have a browser window open all the time only for chat. It's been working great, until recently when I try to connect to Facebook using Pidgin, it shows me an error message as follows:

User must verify their account on www.facebook.com (405)

Now, I got to Facebook website and log in, I am presented with a page that saysYour account is temporarily locked, it further tells me that

We've locked your account because someone recently tried to log in from an unfamiliar location. Please help us to confirm that it was you who tried to log in.

When I continue, it asks me to verify whether it was actually me. Even if tell them that it was me, they persists on changing my password.
I change the password and recover my account. But this won't solve the issue with Pidgin. It still shows the same error.
I have already changed my password 5 times while trying to solve this, actually, Facebook force me to.
Does anyone here know what to do?

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