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Virtual, temporary phone [closed]

I've just found that to sign up for Gmail account, I need to give Google my mobile phone number to verify me (they send me SMS message with short code etc.). So, I'm thinking now, is there such web ...
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How to set up a Google/GMail/GoogleDocs account without a phone number?

How do I set up a Google account without a phone number? I do not have nefarious reasons for doing so, I simply want to keep my phone number private. I have no reason to think any SaaS or Web 2.0 ...
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Google won't let me sign up without providing my phone number [duplicate]

Google says I need to “verify” my account. I don’t want to give up my phone number to Google. Are there any ways to bypass this? I’ve already tried changing my IP address. It doesn’t matter how I ...
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Why does Google sometimes ask for a phone number and sometimes not? [duplicate]

What controls this? I've signed up for many g-mail accounts before without a phone number and for some reason I am being prompted for one. I tried clearing cookies. I am trying to sign up for a ...
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Google Account without a mobile number [duplicate]

I would like to make a Google account (email, youtube etc.) and it requests a mobile number. It makes sense, so it can stop robots making spam designated email accounts, but I don't own a mobile and I ...
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Can't finish registering because I need a phone number [duplicate]

What should I do if I don't have a phone number for gmail? There is nothing written for 'don't have a phone number' and I don't want to use anyone else's because they might use it for their account ...
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New Gmail account requires mobile number only on select devices

On creating a new Gmail account, they first asked for all the details. I didn't add my mobile number as I did not want to give it away and left Current Email as blank. After agreeing its TAC, the ...
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Google wants my phone number...? [duplicate]

I would do this - I mean, it already wants my name and birthday - but I don't have a phone, and I don't want to give it a fake number. It would be unfortunate for a complete stranger to get my email ...
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Gmail is asking for a phone number verification to sign up. I don't have a phone or anyone else's number to give. What do I do? [duplicate]

None of my friends would let me, even if I asked them. And I sure can't ask my parents. Gmail won't create the account without a phone number, and I don't have access to a payphone, much less the ...
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How can I avoid giving Google my phone number when signing up for Gmail?

When I tried creating a Gmail account, it said that I must give them a phone number so that they can send a verification code to it. Is there any way to bypass this step and still create the account?
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