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Disable automatically calculation on a single sheet in Google Sheets [duplicate]

I would like to disable automatic calculation on a single Google sheet and then have a trigger, either by button or through some implementation of scripts, inserting a column, etc that will allow me ...
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Optimize Google Sheets to process/summarize large amounts of data [duplicate]

I have a Google Sheet where data is uploaded from a Google Form in one page and workers input data directly in another page. The data is combined into one table via scripts. I am trying to create a ...
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Point in time data [duplicate]

In google sheets, was wondering if I can do a lookup and capture the data of the return at that point in time instead of continually updating it. For example, if I'm using vlookup to relate item to ...
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Google Sheets updating after every change, which is too often, slowing everything down

I have a lot of independent functions and information in my sheet, and every time I make a slight change somewhere in the sheet, it seems like the entire sheet is being saved and re-updated. So every (...
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Having Google Sheets not recalculate a formula on page load

I have a Google Sheet with a list of addresses, and a column that geocodes the addresses with mapquest via Google App Script. This works great, except it "recalculates" the addresses on page load. ...
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How can I allow results from a Google Sheets 'filter' action to be mutable?

Brief: The results of a filter are not mutable. I cannot directly add/edit rows to the cells in and around a filter result due to a #REF Error: not expanded because it would overwrite data error. ...
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speed up google sheet with large pivot table

I have several pivot tables that present 5-7 columns of data extracted from a sheet that has about 30 column and 5000 rows. That sheet in turn is updated everytime a line is entered in the orders ...
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How do I install Spreadsheet Freezer?

I have hear that Spreadsheet Freezer could help me to control when a formula is recalculated. I read on the it's site that I could find the install link here, but I only found questions that point ...
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Does Google Sheets do "lazy" calculation?

E.g. - In gnu make, the program keeps a dependency tree for what files depend on what other files. So if one file is changed make doesn't have to 'make world'. In Sheets does it keep a topological ...
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Sequential update of Google Sheets

On page 1 of my spreadsheet I have a bunch of Google Finance functions to retrieve historical data of various scrips. On page 2 I have some calculations running based on the historical data and on ...
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