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Reference data from another 'spreadsheet' in Google Docs/Drive [duplicate]

Is there a way i can reference data from another Google Spreadsheet in Google Docs/Drive? e.g., spreadsheet-A, sheet 1, column A is a dynamic reference of spreadsheet-B, sheet 1, column E I'm not ...
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How to reference a cell in a different file [duplicate]

I have two separate Google Sheets files ("File A" and "File B") that are in two different places in my Google drive. Is it possible for me to reference a range of cells in "File A" to be copied ...
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Pulling column from sheet 2 and importing into another workbook [duplicate]

So I need to find the formula to pull a column out of one page of my Google Docs spreadsheet and insert it into a separate workbook. Here are some more details: all rows from column C (part number) ...
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Is there a way to pull or search for data from other sheets? [duplicate]

We use Google Sheets for tech commission sheets (track jobs and hours). Right now we have 2 years (2017&2018) in 1 set of sheets, 1 sheet for each month (jan 17, feb 17, etc). So instead of adding ...
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How can I get Google Sheets to auto-update a reference to another sheet?

I am using an external application to enter data into a Google Spreadsheet. This workbook is then referenced by a separate workbook (with the IMPORTRANGE(spreadsheet_key, range_string) function) that ...
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Importing only certain rows between spreadsheet documents

Document 1 has many rows of data. How do I import into document 2 only those rows that have a certain value in column C?
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How to SUM() a column from one Google Spreadsheets in another spreadsheet

Has anyone been able to return the SUM() result of a column in one Google Spreadsheets to a different spreadsheet? I am trying the ImportRange(key, criteria) but I am not having any success. I am ...
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Is it possible to link a cell in Google Spreadsheets to a Google text document? (not spreadsheets)

I learned here on Web Applications how to link a cell in Google Spreadsheet to a cell in another Google Spreadsheet: How do I link a cell in Google Spreadsheets to a cell in another document? Is ...
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Reflect changes in on sheet to another on Google spreadsheet

I have two sheets on a Google Spreadsheet. One of which is the copy of the other. Now what I want is, when I edit one sheet, the same edit must reflect on the other. How can I do that ?
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Import Range on Google Spreadsheet

I want Cell D1 of this link: To be imported to E9 of this link:
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How do I Import a Range from one Google Spreadsheet into another?

I am getting the same error as described here except not for the same reason. I am using the new Google Sheets, so I am supposed to be able to paste the entire source URL into the sheet, like so: =...
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How to get data between tabs in Google Spreadsheets

is it possible to get a value from a tab cell and work with it in another tab? Tab 1 (T1) row working hours (A) who (B) 1 3 Mike ------------------------------- Tab 2 (T2) ...
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CONTINUE function is annoying me? [closed]

I am trying to pull data from other Google spreadsheets into specific cells on my current sheet by using the IMPORTRANGE function. It's working well in some cells, but it others, it keeps getting the ...
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Sum values across multiple Sheets IDs automatically by creating a formula?

I used this post to have all Google Sheets IDs in a folder Getting all files' file-id from a folder in Google Drive I would like to make a formula or script to sum values in table across all these ...
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Lookup/Copy data from different sheets?

I am creating a schedule sheet in Google Spreadsheets that will have a number of different people inputting their own information. I would like the Director to be able to open a single document that "...
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