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3D is the short form for three dimensional space. In web applications, it refers to an image that can be rotated to view the whole objects from different camera angles.

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How to properly upload 3D content to YouTube in high definition?

TrackMania Nations Forever allows users to export 3D videos of replays and I thought I would try my hand at uploading it to YouTube. I rendered the video at 1920x1080 for each camera, resulting in a ...
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Search Engine for 3D Models [closed]

I want to use Google SketchUp to design my rooms. Where can I find 3D Models to fill up the empty space in my designed rooms? Bonus points to search for similar looking 3D Models, based upon existing ...
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Online 3D modelling tool (similar to SketchUp) [closed]

I'm looking for a web app which will allow me to create a 3D model of a cupboard I need to design for coursework. So that rules out Floorplanner. I can't install or execute an .exe file on the school ...
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What happened to the option to cross your eyes whilst watching YouTube?

Certain YouTube Videos are 3D. Note that there is a "3D" symbol next to the gear, denoting the YouTube is in fact storing the video in a 3D format. Right now, I see only two options: 2D, and Anaglyph....
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Facebook Error: Failed to create your 3D Photo: Try again or learn more about how to create 3D Photos

I created a stereoscopic 3D photo from scratch using mirrors & depth map generation on an old camera. I've tried various ways to upload it to Facebook. However, I always get errors. How can I ...
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Is there a way to put 3D user-rotatable AutoCAD drawings on my website?

Is there not a very problematic and a cheap way to convert my AutoCAD 3D technical drawings to browser acceptable format, probably, flash? I'd like to put 3D drawing to a site in a way visitors could ...
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My 3D model is always upside down when uploading to Facebook, no matter how I rotate it

I am trying to post a 3D model. I simplified the mesh so that it fits through the tiny 3MB limit and it's rendered OK. Except... It's UPSIDE DOWN! I tried to upload model after rotating it in ...
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Is it possible to download 3D models from

The website provides a 3D model viewer so clearly the data is sent over, but there doesn't seem to be a download button in the viewer. Is there a tool or a method for downloading the 3D models from ...
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