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Refers to the practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.

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How I can get the transcript of a YouTube Short?

How can I get the transcript of a YouTube Short? I don't see any option to download it:
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Any way to access the filter funnel icon via keyboard in Google Sheets?

It's not in the official docs, but is there by any chance a non-documented/hacky keyboard shortcut for the little green filter funnel which has to be clicked to bring the "filter by" menu? ...
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Why do some videos on YouTube have transcripts while others do not?

Is this governed by the author of the video and whether or not they enable or disable some transcript setting? Is there some YouTube backlog that's processing videos and making transcripts available ...
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How to map the delete key to delete emails in the keyboard shortcuts section?

I use web interface of Gmail and I would like to delete a conversation by pressing the DEL key on my keyboard. By default the delete shortcut is #. I found the Keyboard Shortcuts section in Gmail ...
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How to export Slack conversation thread without admin account

The Slack UI is not ideal for some conversations/threads I participate in, where it would be better to have the text and images copied to another format that I can more easily read and process. I am ...
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How can I make the active sheet's tab stand out?

On my screen, the active tab, Quotes, is just barely lighter than the other tabs. How can I make the currently active tab stand out better? (I have my screen adjusted for photo editing, so it is ...
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Are Cognito Forms accessible to screen readers?

Many of our consumers are blind and use screen readers like JAWS. Are Cognito forms screen reader accessible?
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Do Google doc's presentations pass accessibility standards?

Haven't been able to find much information online. There is a page for docs accessibility standards but I don't see specific points mentioned. Do google doc's presentations meet accessibility ...
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Is Trello accessible to a blind user via screenreading software?

My group is considering using Trello for projects, but anything we use must be accessible to blind team members who use screenreading software. Does Trello work well with JAWS, VoiceOver, or anything ...
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Discovering accesskeys

Is there some way to discover whether a site supports @accesskeys, short of brute force hammering on the keyboard or searching in the markup? I can't remember even once seeing a web site advertising ...
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Keyboard Accessibility in Web Applications [closed]

I would put my question this way: We all know Keyboard is fast (as compare to Mouse). VIM is a simplest example for this. Is there any standard of creating web applications that are keyboard centric? ...
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