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A web sites ranking service. It ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar.

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Showing a graph of website activity, to check whether it is stagnant or active [closed]

I thought Alexa had a kind of graph to show how a website's activity was progressing over a period of time. I wanted to see how Knol had evolved this year, but I am having trouble finding this on a ...
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What do the numbers on Alexa's Page View Charts mean?

I didn't understand the values of the chart -page-views (google stats). For example, for google, what mean these values ? 4.84300 -0.6% Millions, billions of visits? In my case, I want to know ...
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How does alexa know all these information? Under Audience tab, how does alexa knows information on gender, education, age, has child...?
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