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Questions specifically about the use of If your question is about an order you've placed with, you need to contact them directly.

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5 answers

How do I check my promotional credit with Amazon?

I'm trying to figure out how much promotional credit I have before I make a purchase (stupid 1-click for digital purchases). I do not want to check my gift card balance. I want to know how much ...
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2 answers

How to export/download my Amazon wishlist?

How can I export/download my Amazon wishlist?
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11 votes
3 answers

How do you reply to a seller on Amazon?

I sent a seller a message, they replied asking me something, I wanted to reply. But I see no link to do so in the email, and I cannot see where to on Amazon's site Where is the option?
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Advanced Power Search & Filter of Amazon product data & description beyond Books?

Any way to do Advanced Power Search in Amazon product data & description beyond Books? There is one for Books: Is there anyway to ...
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How to get rid of web ads that show what you've looked at on Amazon?

It seems now that anytime I "shop" online, i.e., look at anything in a shopping site such as Amazon, ads for that thing I looked at show up everywhere. For instance, I happened to click on ladybugs ...
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Exporting and Importing various Amazon lists; Shopping Lists, Wish lists, Idea Lists, Default List?

This question circa 2011: How to export/download my Amazon wishlist? Now, we have multiple lists in addition to the default wish list, that we make and change various times. At times we wish to ...
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1 answer

Swapped product listings on Amazon

I'm seeing more and more occurrences on Amazon of the following phenomenon: a product with good ratings (usually 4/5+) has reviews that refer to a different product. (Sometimes this happens for brands ...
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