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Almost all questions relating to Android are off-topic and should be asked at Android Enthusiasts, not here. Use this tag only when your problem specifically pertains to using a web application in a browser on an Android device.

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Use Personal cloud instead of google cloud in google cloud vision Api

Can we Access google cloud vision Api with our personal cloud or Drive account instead of using google cloud for trial? I don't want to add my debit card for creating google cloud account.
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Adding a total in a cell when a checkbox is ticked in an adjacent cell

On my budget spreadsheet, in the 'amount' column is the different direct debits going out each month, then I tick the checkbox in the 'gone out?' column when it goes from my account. I'm wanting to ...
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Find size of Android backup in Google Drive

I have several Android devices I backup to my Google Drive account. I see a backup for each device but there is no information on how much space each backup is using. Is there a way to get the size of ...
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How to find the QR code for Facebook on Google authenticator?

I was suddenly asked to enter a 6 digit pass code when trying to log in to the Facebook app from my Android (Samsung 20) today. Usually i find this code using my Facebook App, which I now have no ...
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How to delete all the Google+ stories (auto-awesome images) created while backing up from Android

I enabled recently the backing up of my images/videos on my Android 4.4 Nexus 5 since it was suggested to me, as described here
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How would I turn of notification for a Facebook friend when using mobile web and/or Android app?

I want to turn off notification for updates of one specific Facebook friend using Facebook mobile web/app. How can I do that? We can have the Get Notifications from full version web. p.s. A quick ...
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Why am I getting a copy of sent Gmail from Android to the inbox of my Windows PC?

I send an email using Gmail app on my Android phone, and I get a copy of this very exact email in the inbox of Outlook 2010 on my Windows PC. It appears as if I got new mail, and when I check it I can ...
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How to viewing selected calendar events for selected calendar

I have been trying to use the Google Calendar web app in an intuitive fashion. Below is a screenshot of what appears when I log in from my Android phone using Chrome for Android. Consider that on the ...
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Is it possible to publicly auto-upload pictures with Google?

The photos I take with my Android phone are automatically uploaded by Google Photos to Google. Is it possible to set this upload up so that all the uploaded photos automatically are made public? ...
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