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Anonymous users are users of a site that do not have an existing account on that site.

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Can one browse Twitter on the web anonymously and avoid being forced to login to continue

When reading anonymously in a browser on Twitter, there comes a point when Twitter forces you to login in order to continue. Is there a way to continue without needing to login?
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Unanonymous likes and dislikes for comments [closed]

There are a number of websites where comments and contents can be liked (thumbed up / +1'd) or disliked (thumbed down / -1'd). On the other hand, all the sites I am aware of hide the identity of the ...
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How to anonymously join public events?

How can I join an event without having my name listed? Below I can see everyone's name, almost all of which I don't know, except for Facebook User's. Names of attendees for event on public page that ...
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Change connection between Gmail and YouTube

When I send people email from my Gmail account the header of the email is my YouTube name. Hence everybody can find me and my comments on YouTube. I don't want people I send mail to know who I am on ...
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Can someone find my Gravatar profile if they have my email address, or Gravatar URL associated with that email address?

Gravatar now offers profiles that are publicly visible. Let's say I have entered some info in my profile. Let's also say I have two email addresses, email1 and email2, registered with Gravatar but ...
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How can I share my YouTube clip anonymously?

I have uploaded a video to YouTube and I want to share it without revealing my YouTube identity. Meaning I don't want people to see other videos of mine or my YouTube or Gmail username. How can I do ...
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Can I find out if a survey on SurveyMonkey is anonymous?

SurveyMonkey surveys can optionally be made "anonymous", preventing respondents' email and IP addresses from appearing in the survey results. As a respondent, how can I verify that a survey has been ...
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Can you default Tumblr's Ask feature to ask anonymously

I want to default any ask submissions via Tumblr to "Ask Anonymously". How can I do this? Clarification: This is for asks I receive.
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Web write-only drop box [closed]

Does anyone know of a web app that allows you to create folder where anonymous users can upload content and other authenticated users can view and download the documents? and Dropbox (...
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Blacklisting only a few senders from Gmail's "Forward a copy of incoming mail" feature

I have two Gmail accounts, one trusted and one for "untrusted" websites. 98% of the "untrusted" websites are actually nice, they don't send me any spam, all of the emails they send are actually ...
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Send anonymous email [closed]

Is there a service that would allow one to send anonymous emails? Or, if not anonymous, one that would create a temporary email address?
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