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A personal calendar application made by Apple.

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How does the auto creation and 2-way sync of calendar events work?

When you create a calendar event in Outlook and invite someone with a Gmail address, that invitee will get an email with a .ics file attached. This event is automatically added to the recipient's ...
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Partial event syncing when importing calendar into Google Calendar

I'm trying to import my university's calendar into Google Calendar. However, both methods I use give me the same result. When I directly choose to save the ".ics" file to my desktop and then import ...
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How to make an event repeat on the third last working day of each month in Google Calendar?

Unfortunately my pay dates are a nightmare. I get paid on the third last working day at the end of each month. Here's a years worth of dates. 29/09/14 29/10/14 26/11/14 19/12/14 (exception due to ...
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Is there a maximum value for the ICS, ICAL, Calendar SEQUENCE parameter

I have looked for an answer in various specs and can find only "minimum of 0" and "it must be an integer". It seems to fail at different values in different calendars. What would be really useful is ...
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Web Calendar Sync using .ics export [closed]

I have a web based calendar that has an .ics export so my users can import my calendar into theirs, whatever type of calendar they may have. To do so the user must click on a button on the web app and ...
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Facebook All-day events show up in Google Calendar a day early

I have, using the export feature in Facebook, imported the ical feed in Google Calendar for Events. This works as it should, except that events that have no hour defined, show up a day early in Google ...
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URL to add calendar event to iCloud [closed]

Is there a URL that will let me offer an Add to iCloud Calendar button to my site? I'm not an iCloud user, but I expect it's possible to use iCloud just via the web, without using the native iCal app....
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Can I “opt out” of Google Calendar while keeping my Gmail account?

I would like to handle invitations manually (in iCloud, actually) without any invitations, events, or anything showing up in my Google Calendar account. Because if that’s the case, there will be a ...
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Publish option in the newly updated MobileMe calendars disappears, how do I fix it?

Yesterday I updated my MobileMe calendars to the new format and than I noticed that the Publish option has disappeared from my iCal calendars. All my iCal calendars now show up under my MobileMe ...
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