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Apply to questions about the personal registration identifier, Apple ID, for contact, payment, security and other details required to access a variety of Apple Inc.’s services.

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Access my Gmail account without access to Apple devices that I was previously signed into [duplicate]

I cannot log into my Gmail account on any of my new android devices. Google is requiring confirmation on an iPhone or iPad that I was previously logged into, but I no longer have access to either of ...
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Will Apple ID password also be changed automatically?

There is an apple id and a MacBook has been signed in with Recently yahoo account ( password has been changed. Please let me know, by default,...
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Choose the option to reset your security questions

I expect to see: but see: and then: Not knowing the phone number, how do I proceed? The clear, explicit, and wrong directions specify: Reset your security questions Go to ...
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How to find my existing Apple ID based on my Email Account

I have a Gmail account and an Apple ID associated with this account. When I go to create a new account with the same email address, I am unable to. How can I retrieve this APPLE ID associated with ...
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