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Apply to questions where the initiation of a program is automatic following some other action, such as loading, for example as was introduced in Windows XP for newly discovered removable media and devices.

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Remove Channels and Videos from YouTube AutoPlay

Is there a way to remove certain channels and shows from YouTube auto-play? I would like to remove the following from my YouTube auto-play: a specific channel any videos that contains certain words ...
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Stop YouTube Playlist Autoplaying to Unrelated Videos

For some reason, when I reach the end of my YouTube music playlist, instead of just stopping, it autoplays to a completely unrelated video that isn't in the playlist. I don't known when this started, ...
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YouTube playlists no longer auto-play. How is this error fixed?

So when a video in a playlist ends it just stops and displays the thumbnail image and the play button. I opened up the console and notice that win the video ends I get: [Deprecation] HTML Imports is ...
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How can I prevent open tabs with YouTube videos from playing after Windows 10 restarts?

I have several tabs open with YouTube videos, in several windows. This is on Chrome, Windows 10. I know that if I sleep the computer, everything will come back OK. But if I log out of Windows, Chrome ...
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How to disable auto-play in YouTube playlists

So I know this question has been asked before, but neither the answers on this question: (How can I disable playlist autoplay in YouTube?), nor the answers from the linked duplicate question there, ...
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Bandcamp autoplay

SoundCloud allows autoplay like this: I am trying to do this with Bandcamp. I tried these without success: http://...
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Annoying YouTube mixes always lead to the same songs

YouTube used to be able to allow me to discover new music etc. For some time now though, it's driving me crazy. All mixes which allegedly are "Non-stop playlists based on a song or artist" eventually ...
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Disable Facebook video autoplay

I want desktop Facebook to stop autoplaying video, as it is annoying and tethering-unfriendly. Disabling video autoplay used to be possible, but as of August 2017 there is no "Auto-Play Videos" ...
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