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Questions tagged [azure-cost-management]

Use for questions about using Azure Cost Management from an end-user standpoint, as in handling a personal project. Use of this service in a professional setting might be better suited for Webmasters Stack Exchange or Server Fault. Post a question in Meta Stack Exchange if you need a site recommendation.

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How can I see how much money I have spent on each OpenAI GPT model in my Azure account?

I have deployed several OpenAI GPT models in my Azure account. E.g., I deployed the OpenAI GPT model "GPT 4 32k" as gpt-4-32k-viet, as shown below. How can I see how much money I have spent ...
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0 votes
0 answers

Why isn't my Azure cost alert listed in the cost alert tab?

I use Azure to call OpenAI models via Azure OpenAI Service. I created a resource. I created an instance assigned to that resource. I deployed a few OpenAI models in that instance. I created a budget ...
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