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Internet bots, also known as web robots, WWW robots or simply bots, are software applications that run automated tasks over the Internet.

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How do I control with roles can use a bot on my Discord server?

What do the "Roles & Members" settings (Server Settings > Integrations > [BOT_NAME] > Roles & Members) for a bot do? I would have thought that this was the way to control ...
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Let a slack app create slash commands for another app? (Custom -> Jira)

I am trying to automatically create a ticket every month in Jira. Jira has a slash command to create tickets, which I could use each month to create a ticket myself, but that would not be different ...
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How to process emoji reactions to your slack bot's messages in Node.js? [closed]

I have a Slack bot written in Node.js and I'd like to make it so the bot can process (and answer) every time a person reacts to the bot's messages with an emoji. I understand probably I will only be ...
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How can I edit the url where my slack bot lives?

I created a slack app/bot user which I can direct message. When I send it a message it sends me a response. The bot is deployed in heroku. I'd like the bot to no longer live in heroku, but live ...
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Why can't I request both identity scopes and other scopes at the same time?

I'm trying to create a Slack bot and I received the following error: Invalid permissions requested Cannot request both identity scopes and other scopes at the same time I think I understand the ...
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What is the bot in Facebook for Developers' Object Debugger? [closed]

Do you know what bot that read websites' metadata from Facebook for Developers' Object Debugger? Perhaps the name is shown in wireshark, but since I have no root access to any server, I'm unable to ...
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How to distinguish chatbots from humans? [closed]

I hate chatbots. How can I detect them in chatboxes? For instance, I went to this website, and a chatbox appeared, offering help. The conversation is below: The last answer is too generic. It clearly ...
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How do you add a link to slack bot button?

I've created a slack bot, and it sends messages to a channel. I've added a button, and what I'd like to accomplish is having the button redirect the user to an external website. Is this possible? ...
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How can I stop Slack bot from asking to link Google Drive?

Slack bot keeps asking to link my Google Drive account. I couldn’t find that file in Google Drive. Do I have the correct Google Drive account information for you here? But I do not want to ever link ...
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How do I rename a bot in Slack

I've added Trello to my Slack team but for some reason it's called "trello2", which is harmless, yet annoying. How do I rename a Slack bot?
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Slack conversation permanently attached to a Trello link when hit Attach Conversation

We are using Slack & Trello to manage a project which has it's own Slack channel. In Trello we have a board that contains Lists for each of the stages in our process. We create a card for one ...
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Limit slackbot response to a channel?

I know how to program a slackbot response when anyone mentions certain words in a comment. Is it possible to limit this to certain channels?
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See what bots are active on a Slack instance

My company is using Slack enterprise. I can see that there are a few bots running (installed?), like "/todo". How can I see all of the bots that are being used?
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Can a Slackbot create emoji?

The only emoji command I can find is Is there a way to programatically create custom emoji? Or is the only way via manual process -
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How to remove a bot integration from Slack?

I want to completely remove a bot I created on Slack. I can disable it but not completely remove it. Any ideas?
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URL to get the list of Wikipedia bots

Is there an URL to retrieve the list of Wikipedia bots? Those are users with the bot flag. It could be HTML/XML or anything, but not the whole Wikipedia dump. No such method in the API. Note: not ...
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Does Google+ have any video chat bots you can call to test out the video hangout functionality? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Gmail Video Chat Tester Bot? For instance in Skype I have such as service in my contacts list called "Echo / Sound Test Service" which you can call up, record a message, and ...
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Gmail video chat tester bot?

For instance in Skype I have such as service in my contacts list called "Echo / Sound Test Service" which you can call up, record a message, and it plays the message back. Does anyone know if there ...
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