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Questions tagged [browser]

DO NOT USE THIS TAG: If you have a generic problem with your browser, ask it on Super User; if you have a question about how a specific browser (e.g. Chrome) interacts with a web application, use that browser's own tag.

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32 votes
44 answers

What useful bookmarklets do you use? [closed]

I use: Remove bloat Gmail this Delicious G-site search TinyURL Readability You?
2 votes
2 answers

What browsers does Shopify support?

On an older MacBook, cannot even install Firefox and the version of Chrome which does install does not allow full functionality for Shopify. Perhaps an alternative browser would allow login and ...
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2 answers

Analyse the packets from server to my machine [closed]

I recently read NS2, which is used to simulate the networks. Now I want to see how my packets are sent to the server and received from the server. Though I can make use of ping command, I want a ...
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Disable browser creating desktop notifications if site isn't open

When using web versions of chat apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram I allow them to send me desktop notifications, which they use for new messages. But it seems that this allows for those sites ...
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