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How to delete old Facebook chats from both end?

I know Facebook doesn't allow users to delete chats from both side after 10 minutes. But is there any way or workaround to delete or vanish my sent messages from my friends' side?
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Hangouts alternative video call URL

When I start a video call in hangouts, I'm directed to an URL like this:,etc,etc) The problem is that, in my company, the domains ...
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Facebook chat contacts mixed up

Earlier this week, my chat contacts on Facebook's sidebar got mixed up. The upper part, where my most frequently contacted friends are usually located, was replaced by the bottom part, that is, "more ...
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Removing a Name from Gmail Chat

In Gmail Chat, the Never show button has disappeared. How do I get it back?
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Can't see all the photos in messenger shared media

I have a messenger chat of about 1 year and there's a lot of shared media. I am able to see all the photos in chat(even the 1 year old ones) but when checking the shared media in messenger, I can't ...
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how does one hide a contact to appear in 'active' on Facebook Messenger

A particular contact when active, appears in my Active list in Facebook Messenger android app even though I have turned off chat for them on website. How do I hide that person on the ...
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