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Is there a web app where you can share music in real time in the context of a chat? [closed]

I'm looking for a web application that allows me to share the music I'm listening to in real time with a friend over chat. Note: this isn't about broadcasting my musical tastes or publishing my ...
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Moderated Celebrity chat [closed]

I am searching for a moderated celebrity chat. Every week a celebrity from my country will answer questions from users who join the room. I want to have a moderator who will filter those questions and ...
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Stack Overflow chat [closed]

Does anybody out there have any idea what Stack Overflow use for their chat services? I want to add a chat tab to my site navigation and display a whole-page chat interface.
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How can I connect to a Jabber chat room within Google Chat?

I use the chat client in Gmail. Recently a Jabber chat server was set up at work, and I'd like to connect to it. How do I set that up?
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How to search only in chat history in Gmail

When I do a search in Gmail, all my mail is searched, but I only want to search my chats. Is this possible?'s user avatar
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617 views remain logged in (remember me)

I am a frequent user of and use its google chrome plugin too. But since few days i am unable to use its autologin feature as they have removed the option in login page. So i have to log in ...
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Where can I make a web-based chatroom? No signups, nothing to download? [closed]

I just want to make a group chat where nobody has to download anything or sign up for anything. I have a lot of friends across a lot of different platforms (AIM, Skype, Deviantart, Youtube) so I want ...
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How to ignore a friend on Facebook?

I want to "delete" some friends from Facebook without them noticing. Is that possible? Is possible at least to hide them from Facebook chat?
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How to set Google Calendar in Gmail above chat?

If the chat window is too long, then its hard to see the calendar at the bottom of the chat. This makes it difficult to see the calendar and often miss the alerts given by calendar by making the font ...
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How do I remove a contact from the Gmail chat list without blocking or deleting the contact? [closed]

Under Settings > Chat, I have "Only allow people that I've explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I'm online" checked. I want to know how to revoke chat permissions for someone whom I've ...
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How can I view Facebook chat history?

I wonder if Facebook stores its chat history anywhere or if there is a way to enable chat history. Do you know a way to get the chat history? I have tried with: javascript:buddyList.itemOnClick(_ID);...
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How to edit a person's name in the new Gmail chat?

Previously in Gmail chat, I was just able to click on the name of a person to edit his name. Now, the name acts as a link which opens Contacts, where the editing can happen. the old way was faster. ...
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How do I prevent Google Talk from showing my status as "idle"? [closed]

when I use GTalk, my chat program shows as idle when I step away from the keyboard for more than a few minutes. Back when I used AIM, I was able to turn that off. Any ideas on how to do that when ...
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Chat widget that supports Open ID login

I am looking for an embeddable live chat widget (like Shoutmix) that allows users to sign in using open ID before starting the chat. Any ideas? Most of the ones I've come across - Olark, Shoutmix, ...
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Web based chat that has group chat features? [closed]

I currently use, which is great except they don't offer group chat... I'm looking for something similiar but with that feature. Required: Group chat (like a desktop app) Web based (no desktop ...
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Gmail Google Chat hard to copy text from chat window [closed]

Using Google Chat in Gmail it is impossible to select all the text in the conversation. I often want to quickly copy the text from one conversation and email it or instant message it to another ...
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Is there a way to use Skype chat from within the browser?

Is there a way to use Skype's chat features from within the browser? It would be great to be able to converse with your contact in situations where you can't necessarily install applications (while ...
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Facebook chat through instant messaging client?

Does Facebook chat allow access through an IM client like Google Talk does? Specifically, is there a way I can access it from Pidgin/Finch?
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Make Google Video Chat (in Gmail) distinguish between two USB webcams [closed]

I have two USB-connected webcams attached to my machine. Unfortunately, while GChat recognises that both exist, it doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between them. It has picked the wrong one by ...
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How do I stop someone from seeing me on Facebook Chat?

I like Facebook Chat, but I want to hide from specific people. Is there an easy way to do this?
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Preferred web based IRC application? [closed]

I don't typically communicate via IRC and therefore don't keep a client installed. To keep from having to download a client I'd like to use a web based IRC service. What web based IRC clients exist ...
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Multi-user chat with history [closed]

Are there any web apps which allow multiple users to chat, while preserving the chat history for all to see?
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How do I remove myself from somebody's Yahoo friends list?

In Yahoo, all the people who added me as a friend at some point of time (which may be back in 1999) can see me whenever I am online. Due to this issue I am always forced to go invisible in Yahoo, if I ...
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Remove the Chat box from the left pane on Gmail

I don't ever use the chat feature of Gmail. Is there a way to get rid of the chat box on the left side? I can minimize it, but it still shows my name and the "Search, add, or invite" textbox. I can ...
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