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Questions tagged [chatgpt]

Use for questions about using ChatGPT the chatbot / web app launched by OpenAI on November 2022.

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How do I count the true number of characters (with any whitespaces) or words in a GPT Chat to find out the border of the chat size? [closed]

In a local chat frontend of GPT 3.5 Turbo or GPT 4 omni, that is, I am not on the public website of openAI but in a company frontend. Yet, the question stays the same and is is still about the openAI ...
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Is there a way to use the Enter/Return key to start a new line in ChatGPT without sending the existing (unfinished) text?

I'm very used to typing text on a Windows PC keyboard. The normal response to typing text is to use the Enter or Return keys. But ChatGPT's interfaces are different. On an iPhone interface with ...
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Page scrolls to top of text box instead of cursor position

The site in question is I've encountered a problem where, upon pasting approximately 400 lines of code, the vertical scrollbar does not automatically scroll down to reveal the cursor. ...
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Starting a ChatGPT chat with a reference to other chats

I would like to start a chat in ChatGPT in such a way that I am referencing other chats, that, I select, and include, prior to the chat. I also want to be able to do this in the middle of a chat. ...
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Shortcut key for send button in ChatGPT

I usually use ChatGPT on a portrait monitor on a computer using Windows. Due to this, whenever I press the Enter key instead of triggering the send button, it just creates a new line. My question is: ...
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Does the ChatGPT Image Editor plugin do cut-and-paste?

Does the Image Editor plugin on ChatGPT do cut-and-paste editing, like cutting a bird out of one image and pasting it into another?
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What can be done if ChatGPT 3.5 becomes unresponsive while working on an answer?

I ask questions using the normal prompts in Open AI's web application ChatGPT 3.5. After entering a question, ChatGPT seems to be stuck and doesn't respond or show any activity even after several ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How can I start a ChatGPT conversation from a URL?

I'm wondering if it's possible to start a new OpenAI ChatGPT conversation by using a URL. I need to find some URL like such that when I visit the ...
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How to see chat titles in ChatGPT history?

They made ChatGPT to give title to each chat session and store them in history. Unfortunately, they forgot to give an ability to see these titles, since they are truncated and there is no way to make ...
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Why can't ChatGPT access 2023 article links through Java code while can do that? [closed]

When i used Java code to ask ChatGPT to summarize this 2023 newly written article in 2 lines: i get the following negative response: DEBUG - I'm sorry, but as ...
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1 answer

How can I make ChatGPT output a number list that can be copied and pasted?

I can make ChatGPT output a numbered list, but the numbers disappear when it is copied and pasted. The above is the output and if I copy and paste it in the notepad, it becomes as below. How can I ...
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How to have a HTML submit form for ChatGPT4?

I can create a html submit form for Google, example: <form action="" method="get"> <input type="text" name="q" ...
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1 answer

How can I word wrap code block output in ChatGPT?

I often like to have ChatGPT output things in a code block, not because I'm working on code, but just to keep specific output visually separated. The trouble is, it's never word wrapped and so ...
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Can I disable the animated text responses in ChatGPT? [closed]

I understand that performing inference on a large language model takes time, which is why ChatGPT does not respond instantly. ChatGPT's responses appear on the screen at a few words per second using a ...
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How to ask chatGPT for a single prompt that combines a sequence of commands

I asked chatGPT for a script: Write a shell script that processes a file called the file contains lines that start '##' and contain a date. It also containes lines that contain "weight&...
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4 answers

How can I format code properly in a ChatGPT prompt?

I've tried the usual markdown syntax, for example: ```py # Here's my Python code import this ``` But it doesn't seem to work, it just displays it literally as if it was plain text. I wasn't able to ...
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How to integrate the real OpenAI ChatGPT with Google Sheets?

Nowadays there are a lot of posts using the word ChatGPT but many of them use it as a common noun to refer to GPT-3 and some chatbots, not to specically make refence to / ...
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