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Use Exchange mail with Outlook and Chromebook

On a Chromebook only the online Outlook is available. Would it be possible to link my personal Exchange mail (and/or Gmail) to the online Outlook so that I can see all my mail in one mailbox? And ...
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Slack's web version shows workspace switching sidebar, but only on Chromebooks?

When accessing Slack's web version (not the desktop app) on a Chromebook, there seems to be a feature where the workspace switcher sidebar appears on the left: This only appears to happen when ...
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Google Drive Shell on Chrome OS

Is there a way to manipulate Google Drive files with shell (dev mode) on Chrome OS?
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Create keyboard shortcut for Chrome OS to move to next sheet in Google Sheets

I really need to create a keyboard shortcut to move from one sheet to the next in Google Sheets in Chrome OS. In Mac this exists, but does not on Chrome OS. There is an extension called Shortcut ...
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Backing up Google Drive on a different storage device on Chrome OS

I am very interested in a way to back up Chrome OS's Google Drive content onto another storage device besides the local disk, like maybe an SD card. This would provide me more space to store files ...
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