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Use for questions about using cross-platform apps on Chromebooks. Questions should focus on overall concepts. Questions that are specific about using Chromebooks are off-topic here, they might be on-topic in Super User (

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Gmail app won't scroll beyond a few days of emails on Chromebook [migrated]

I'm trying to scroll back to an email from last week in the gmail app on my Chromebook and it just stops at a certain point and won't scroll back any farther. Has there been a new feature introduced ...
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Need to continue retrying Gmail password without being presented with account recovery [duplicate]

So, I have a Chromebook. I started to use it again recently and because my Gmail password had changed since the last use, I had to enter the old one and use the new one. But…because of Google's stupid ...
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Family Link: how to set daily limits for a child regardless of which devices he/she uses [closed]

I can't find a way to set a daily limit to my daughter regardless of her devices. I want her to spend 2h max on screen no matter which device she uses on that day. Yet she's getting 2h on her tablet ...
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